Waterscapes at the Marina Inn located at Grande Dunes offers Myrtle Beach visitors and locals a unique dining experience. The décor is casual yet elegant offer a fine dining experience with a beautiful view of the marina and Grande Dunes poolscape. Executive Chef James Clark’s menu is an experience in sustainable foods as he participates in “Farm to Table” dining. Fish is hand selected from the docks in Murrells Inlet; meats and produce are purchased in the local area. Using fresh local ingredients gives new life to the menu as the seasons change. Combine the unique menu with an extensive wine list and the choice of dining inside or on the beautiful terrace and Waterscapes becomes a special dining experience for all guests.

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  1. Six of us dined at WaterScapes, Wednesday evening and what a marvelous
    experience. It was Darlene’s’ stepfathers birthday and if you are looking for
    thee place to dine for a special occasion, this is it.

    The restaurant is located in the Marina Inn at the Grande Dunes and is one
    of only four properties that have a 4 star rating along the Grand Strand
    (there are no 5 star resorts).

    Upon entering the Inn you realize immediately that you have been catapulted
    outside of the Myrtle Beach Florissant light show and large try to be special
    resorts. The wood, winding staircases, wrought iron, chandeliers, paintings
    and art all catch your eye.

    With the drinks they brought out baskets of breads which are baked in house and
    all 3 were incredibly good and the flavored butters were great!

    We started out sharing appetizers of :

    Wood-Grilled Flat Bread
    House-Made Mozzarella, Slow Cooked Pulled Pork,
    Caramelized Onions

    Pan Seared Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
    Pepper Chow Chow & Mustard Remoulade

    Shrimp with a wonderful what I think was a Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

    Entrees of Triggerfish were ordered by 2 and both these people fish on a
    regular basis and said this was one of the best fish meals they ever had.
    By the way fish is hand chosen daily in Murrells Inlet.

    A roasted chicken entree was very interesting looking and I was told
    very good.


    Two others had the Bistro Steak and the taste I had was extremely flavorful.


    I had the Tenderloin and I have had tenderloin at numerous Ruths Chris’s,
    Morton’s, and many great steak houses such as at Hard Rock Hotel Universal,
    Gaylord Fl, TN and TX, Miami, St Louis, San Diego, Harrah’s & Caesars
    Vegas, and I could go on. This is the only one I remember that did not come
    with a large heavy steak knife, it came with a butter knife only and, seriously
    you could cut it with just the fork, unreal. For $30 which is less money than
    the above mentioned places not only was it the best steak but the presentation
    also beats the others.


    By the way, the beef is all from grass feed cows the chickens are all free
    range and I believe most is bought locally from farmers here in the county,
    find me another restaurant in the area who can say that!

    Dessert, do not even think of missing out on this, my gosh, you have to try
    them yourself to really appreciate what I am going to say. I was told the
    Crème Brule was extremely good, I did try the Raspberry Sorbet which I found
    to be very smooth and not too sweet, the Passion Fruit Sorbet was out of this
    world, it was tart and I so enjoyed making faces while my taste buds were
    bursting with pleasure.

    I had the Sweet Potato Bread Pudding that was very nice and was enhanced
    by the praline sauce and bourbon marshmallow.


    All desserts are made in house.

    The check comes with a giant snifter glass overflowing with the lightest
    watermelon cotton candy.

    As a side we saved $77 using the MyrtleBeachPromotions.com fundraising
    book, it provides for BOGO free and is good for up to 6 people.

    Visited November 2011

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